Jesness Behaviour Checklist (JBC)

Carl F. Jesness, Ph.D.

Product ID : JBC-A-01K
Category : Child and Adolescent Clinical Assessment
User Qualification : Psychologists
Time : Untimed, approximately 20 minutes, 80 items
  : JBC Complete Kit (Includes Manual, 10 Observer Booklets, 10 Self-Appraisal Booklets, 25 Observer QuikScore Forms, 25 Self-Appraisal QuikScore Forms)

The Jesness Behavior Checklist (JBC) is an 80-item scale measuring 14 bi-polar behavioral tendencies among adolescents. Norms are available on a large delinquent sample aged 13 to 20 years. The JBC Manual describes the development of the Checklist and the 14 scales, provides instructions for administering, scoring, and interpreting the results from the JBC administration, and includes tables for converting raw scores to T-scores. The JBC consists of two parallel forms: an Observer Form, for ratings by teachers, probation or correctional officers, counselors, therapists, etc., and a Self-Appraisal Form for self-evaluation.

Scales measured by the Behavior Checklist are as follows:

Social Control
Anger Control
JBC QuikScore™ Form
The New Jesness Behavior Checklist (JBC) QuikScore™ Self-Appraisal and Observer Forms are designed to be used for administration and scoring purposes. For administration, the QuikScore™ Form is used with the Item Booklet. The respondent reads the 80 JBC statements from the Item Booklet and marks responses directly on the QuikScore™ Form allowing the Item Booklet to be reused. The Jesness Behavior Checklist QuikScore™ Form facilitates the computation of raw scores for each of the 14 scales. The QuikScore™ requires no additional scoring templates. This form is designed to make scoring rapid and simultaneously minimize the potential for scoring errors. The total raw scores obtained from the QuikScore™ Form are used to help assess behavior in 14 different areas represented by the scales. The raw scores can then be used with the Jesness Behavior Checklist Manual to clarify the meaning of the scores for each scale, and to convert the raw scores to T-scores or percentiles based on a sample of delinquents.

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