Children's Depression Rating Scale, Revised (CDRS-R)

Elva O. Poznanski, M.D. and Hartmut B. Mokros, PhD

Product ID : CDRSR-G-01K
Category : Child and Adolescent Clinical Assessment
User Qualification : Psychologists
Time : 15-20 minutes
  : CDRS-R Kit (Administration Booklets (25), Manual)

Modelled after the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression, the CDRS has long been used to diagnose depression and determine its severity. Now updated and standardised - with complete interpretive and psychometric data - this sensitive rating scale is more useful than ever. In clinical settings, it can be used to diagnose depression and monitor treatment response. In non-clinical contexts, such as schools and paediatric clinics, it can be used as a quick and economical screener, identifying children who need professional intervention. The CDRS-R is a brief rating scale based on a semi-structured interview with the child (or an adult informant who knows the child well). Designed for 6-12 year-olds, and successfully used with adolescents, it can be administered in just 15 to 20 minutes and easily scored in a few minutes more. The interviewer rates 17 symptom areas (including those that serve as DSM-IV criteria for a diagnosis of depression): Impaired Schoolwork, Difficulty Having Fun, Social Withdrawal, Appetite Disturbance, Sleep Disturbance, Excessive Fatigue, Physical Complaints, Irritability, Excessive Guilt, Low Self-Esteem, Depressed Feelings, Morbid Ideation, Suicidal Ideation, Excessive Weeping, Depressed Facial Affect, Listless Speech, Hypoactivity. Most of the symptoms are rated on a 7 point scale - so the CDRS-R can capture slight but notable changes in a child's symptoms. This makes the scale ideal for monitoring symptoms during illness or remission. Other additions to the scale include suggested interview prompts and guidelines for integrating information from multiple informants. The CDRS-R gives you a single Summary Score (a T-score) with an interpretation of and recommendations for, six different score ranges. If applicable, it also compares ratings based on different sources (e.g. parent and child interviews) for each of the 17 symptom areas - and notes clinically significant results. Norms are derived from a non-clinical sample of children who were directly interviewed. The manual provides interpretive guidelines for CDRS-R based on parent interviews.

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