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This section of the website offers clients and candidates a greater understanding about the process of psychometric testing. For clients, the "What is psychometric testing?" page presents a window into the opportunities of utilising psychometric testing as part of their human resource management and recruitment scheme. For candidates undertaking psychometric tests, Psych Press has placed a few tips on how to best prepare for the assessment process. Furthermore, a selection of free psychometric sample tests have been made available to allow hands on experience with taking a psychometric test.

Psychometric testing involves the combination of two important techniques of measurement. These include cognitive abilities and personality/ behavioural tests.

Cognitive abilities (i.e. numerical reasoning and spatial reasoning etc) are important characteristics to the successful application of skills in many occupations. Psychometric testing can provide key insights into a candidates ability to communicate, make decisions and calculate cause and effect in certain occupational scenarios. Find out more about cognitive testing.

Personality tests are assessments which require the least preparation on the candidate's part. Rather, personality psychometric tests tend to measure an individual's relatively stable behavioural tendencies and preferences within an occupational context. The behavioural basis of personality tests are primarily due to indirect and complex nature of personality. It is also important to note that personality tests do not consist of questions which have correct answers assigned to them. Find out more about personality tests.