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Sample Selection Reports & Verbal Feedback

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Our world - leading online and paper - based psychometric tests and professional written reports assist you to make informed selection decisions. As Organisational Psychologists we specialise in both administering and interpreting psychometric testing. Our professional selection reports enable you to identify the extent to which candidates match with the job's competencies and company's culture.

Some of our Report Types:

  • Management Selection Reports

    Suitable for Senior Managers, Mid-level Managers & Team Leaders roles. Employing a new manager? You need to find a leader! Find out if they have what it takes to manage in your company based on our valid and low-cost psychological tests and written selection reports.

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  • Graduate Recruitment Reports

    Will your graduate recruits have the managerial potential to become the future leaders of your organisation? Use our valid and accurate psychometric tests and written psychological reports to become much more informed regarding candidates' strategic thinking skills, leadership and team work styles, project management skills, etc.

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  • Sales Selection Reports
    Suitable for Sales Managers & Sales Consultants roles.

    Can your candidate effectively open/initiate a sale? Can they manage a sale? Can they close a sale? Can they sell? Get the crucial information regarding these issues and other relevant psychological characteristics before, and not after you employ them using our world renown, valid and low cost psychometric tests and sales selection reports.

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  • Customer Service Selection Reports
    Suitable for Customer Service roles.

    Can your candidate provide the effective service required to achieve high customer satisfaction and gain more customers? Identify these capabilities and other relevant personality traits before you recruit them to your organisation/team by using our psychometric tests and customised selection reports written by organisational psychologists.

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  • Admin Selection Reports
    Suitable for most administration roles.

    Competent and reliable administration staff is an essential component of every successful business. Use our valid and low-cost psychometric tests to pinpoint relevant competencies such as verbal, numerical, problem - solving skills. The written reports, based on tests' interpretation, will assist you to better understand the candidate's work behaviour to ensure that they are reliable, structured, detailed attentive to detail and able to interact with others.

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  • Blue Collar Selection Reports
    Suitable for technical/production roles with an emphasis on work safety behaviour.

    Will your new employees comply with Work Safety regulations and other work procedures or will they become costly liabilities, compromising your production line? Will they be efficient, motivated and easy to work with? Our Blue-Collar psychometric tests and selection reports will provide you with the information required to select the most suitable candidates who will maximize your operational capacity.

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  • Call Centre Selection Reports
    Suitable for inbound and outbound call centre roles.

    Is a high staff churn turnover rate costing you a fortune? Do you want more reliable staff for inbound or outbound roles? Our targeted call centre psychometric, psychological tests and customised selection reports will provide you with the information required to select the most suitable candidates who will maximize your inbound and outbound call centre performance.


  • General Consultants - Payroll, Finance
    Do you want to ensure that your new consultants have the analytical skills, attention to detail, and cultural fit required to be successful in your company? Use our psychometric tests and customised selection reports to identify candidates' work suitability.

  • Other Selection Reports

    If you did not find your desired solution within our above solutions, our organisational psychologists can tailor selection reports which to would address your specific needs. Please call us on +61 3 9670 0590 or email us and we guarantee to reply within 24 hours.

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