Who We Are

Psych Press is Australia's leading provider of tailored and customised online as well as paper and pencil people assessment solutions to the Human Capital and Clinical arenas. Since our foundation in 1995 we have always strived to deliver time efficient, cost effective, simple and objective people assessment solutions by tailoring them to the unique industry and organisational challenges. We believe in working closely with you throughout the processes of development and implementation of advanced customised people assessment solutions to ensure you achieve a business advantage.

Psych Press prides itself on the provision of outstanding customer service and a prompt response to specific customer challenges. Professionalism, agility, creativity and enthusiasm are our key drivers in approaching any project. All of our people have extensive experience both in people assessment and business management. We are eager to deliver high quality people performance outcomes. We were all attracted to the people assessment environment because of the variety of challenges our clients provide us and the ability to make a positive contribution to the success of their business.

It is the intention of Psych Press to not only develop advanced tailored people assessment solutions but also distribute established assessment tests to address our client's needs. To achieve our objectives, we have built a team of experienced Organisational Psychologists, partnered with leading world renowned assessment research centres such as the US Psychological Assessment Resources (PAR) Inc. and Western Psychological Services (WPS), and partnered with leading academic institutes in Australia.

An example of such a relationship was in the development of the Australian Version of the hugely popular test of normal personality, the 'Sixteen Personality Factor 5'*. The Sixteen Personality Factor 5-AUS* was developed by Psych Press over a three year period, in conjunction with the Institute for Personality and Ability Testing (IPAT). The development of Sixteen Personality Factor 5-AUS* interpretive reports is an indication of our commitment to the production of resources that our customers have identified as important in servicing their needs. Psych Press also developed, in conjunction with Psytech International UK, a unique set of business related personality reports based on the '15FQ Plus' assessment, also known as the 'Sixteen Personality Factor-Industrial' in the UK. The 15FQ Plus is the organisational test version of Cattell's 16 personality factors model. Psych Press has also developed an effective 15FQ Plus Training Program to enable a broader range of people to access this valuable professional development and recruitment solution.

We see ourselves as not only experts in psychometric assessments but also in business management. Being experts in both areas enables us to not only better understand your challenges but also develop creative and innovative solutions tailored to your specific business needs.

We know how crucial it is to achieve high people performance in a competitive industry. Each industry has its own unique features and challenges that influence peoples' performance. To provide you with the highest service levels we have gained expertise in specific industries such as retail, hospitality, banking etc and developed screening and psychometric assessment solutions that are tailored to each unique industry.

*The Sixteen Personality Factor tests are published and owned by IPAT.

About Our Team

Dr.Gavin Didsbury

Founder, Director and Head of Research & Development BBSc, Dip Clinical Psych, PhD

Dr. Gavin Didsbury's professional career commenced within the field of clinical psychology and moved into the organisational psychology sphere, where he assists Directors, Senior Executives and company owners with strategic HR issues.

Such coaching and development work focuses on the alignment of management and staff development issues with core business objectives.

Through many years of experience Dr. Gavin Didsbury gained insights into the 'intangibles' of organisational knowledge, people assets, culture and motivation which is backed by the more tangible experience of day-to-day co-management of a major consulting business.

Key Expertise

  • Extensive knowledge of a wide range of assessment and development models and approaches.
  • Extensive experience in management selection, development, and learning.
  • Able to close the gap between individual development and commercial success.
  • Blends sound business experience across a wide variety of industries and commercial contexts, with strong coaching and development skills.

Professional Qualifications and Affiliations

  • BBSc, Dip Clinical Psych, PhD
  • Registered Organisational Psychologist
  • Member, Australian Psychological Society (APS)
  • Fellow, Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Member, Australian Institute of Management
  • Member, Australian Human Resources Institute

About our values

At Psych Press we strive to achieve for you top business success. We provide customer care, technological support and product development that rivals leading companies in the people assessment industry. The product quality we provide is comparable to those of our competitors.

Our expertise, however, is to provide you the best tailored people assessment solutions that addresses your particular challenges. We believe that the best solutions are created by closely working with you and your challenges, understanding your specific organisational environment and assisting you to implement the solutions. To achieve our mission we have a unique team of Organisational Psychologists with extensive experience not only in developing assessment tools but also in business management and leading change projects. We also partner with leading world renowned assessment research centres (Psychological Assessment Resources - PAR; Psytech International, UK; Western Psychological Services - WPS etc.) as well as academic institutions to update and equip ourselves with the leading solutions in the world. Our team will work closely with you throughout the process of development and implementation and achieve for you the best tailored solution to deliver business success.

As we know how important it is to deliver you business success, our team has committed itself to the following:

We have worked with many of Australia's most successful organisations. They tell us we exceed expectations, quickly grasp the challenge and work in partnership to deliver the right people performance outcomes. We will be delighted to also provide you with our high quality and cost effective services.

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