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Improve Your Talent Acquisition Strategy
with "Scientific Staff Selection"

Psych Press provides one platform to recruit, screen, assess & onboard your talent,
saving you up to 70% off your time to hire and related costs while virtually eliminating hiring mistakes.

eRecruitment software platform

What do you get in your Assessment-Based eRecruitment Software?

One eRecruitment platform for your entire people strategy
~ Using predictive analytics ~

Reporting and Analysis

Provide instant views of key staffing metrics through intuitive graphs, tabular data, and custom reports.


Keep all users focused on their unique responsibilities with role-based access and personalized views of tasks and due dates.

Psychometric testing

For more specific ability or personality based testing, test your screened candidates prior to interview.

Screening system

Screen best fit candidates using customised screening questionnaires which match job needs and specific organisational role, and KPI requirements.

Pre-recorded and real time online interviewing

Safe, secure, and reliable online interviewing for both pre-recorded and live scenarios.

Automated pre-screening and ranking

Pre-screen applicants, and score and rank candidates based on answers for questions regarding basic requirements to work at the organisation.

Online Career sites

Enhances your employment brand by establishing your online career sites and linking to the e-recruitment process

Job Posting

Post opportunities to your own career sites, job boards, or have our team prepare job descriptions matching the role and KPI's

Workflow Automation

Save time and money with electronic requisitions and approvals while generating personal emails for better candidate communication.

So, what is "Predictive Analytics?"

Simply put, predictive analytics uses 'input data' and applies mathematical formulas to give you useful 'output data'. In eRecruitment, you can input data from resumes, assessments, or screening responses - it depends what you want to measure.
The output data can show you the likelihood of a candidate possessing the competencies for a certain role such as:

  • customer service,
  • sales,
  • hospitality,
  • retail,
  • Ability to hit KPIs.
  • etc...

The output data will be as accurate as the input data. When using predictive analytics in recruitment, the aim is to provide you with accurate and scientific information to help make accurate people-decisions.

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Why use Predictive Analytics in Recruitment?

Based on a resume and interview alone, the chances of making an accurate hiring decision are only 50%! So, traditional recruitment methods produce a result as good as flipping a coin.
What's more, there is no objective data to make any decisions with. Which means you're effectively just guessing. This means: poor hiring decisions, bias, high costs, diminishing culture, and high turnover.
There is also dire implications for your people strategy: how do you know which staff to train, promote, retain, and how do you measure the company 'culture or climate' when you don't know who you're letting in in the first place?

It's safe to say - the traditional recruitment process is fundamentally flawed...

Organisational Psychology buffs like us love to measure all the factors which lead to organisational success - improved business metrics, and happy workers (yes, you can have both).
This platform enables you to measure the variables that are most closely linked to job performance such as: personality attributes, experience, situational judgement, cognitive abilities and much more. This gives you x-ray vision into your recruiting and people strategy, because you're using science, rather than relying on guesswork to manage your most valuable assets.

What can you measure?

Personality assessments combined with a structured interview -
Lets you know exactly who's in front of you, why they'd be suited to the job, or why not.

You get a dashboard which displays all the data that you'll need to make objective and accurate hiring decisions, which give you better staff.

Personality assessments are also legally defensible because they rely on scientific measurement, not 'gut feel'.

When you have competencies developed, you can measure the specific variables to determine whether someone will be adequate or not.

Certain personality attributes will tell you how someone will cope with important factors such as burnout, depersonalisation, and emotional exhaustion which have a large impact on turnover in the aged care and healthcare industries.

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Stress Tolerance 88%

Conscientiousness 76%

Risk Taking Preference 15%

Extraversion 86%

The full power of predictive analytics

Meet the most powerful HR dashboard... Ever.

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eRecruitment and on-boarding

Makes it easy for your team to attract candidates to your branded career site, manage candidate data, schedule interviews, shortlist & reference-check candidates.

The platform gives you an intuitive dashboard, making the recruitment and onboarding process fast and seamless. You can also add on custom screenings and psychometric testing to make your eRecruitment process even more accurate and data-driven.

Reduce your time-to-hire and cost-per-hire while winning the 'war on talent' with this eRecruitment platform.

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eRecruitment Software & Onboarding

What other benefits are there?

No training required

The platform is user-friendly, the transition will be seamless.

Real-time reports

Download & view reports with a click of a button.

Easy Search & comments

Find candidates easily and add comments for your whole team to view.

Build intellectual property

You get data to help build your HCM strategy into the future.

Merit-based recruitment

A legally defensible selection, because you're using scientifially valid methods.

Scientifically valid assessments

Our assessments are validated & normed for you by our organisational psychologists.

Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Automate your recruitment workflow with our comprehensive ATS. Create job ads and post them to social media and job boards to instantly engage your best applicants. This system will capture and parse resume and applicant data saving the HR department hours of laborious data-entry.

This platform will let you accurately track the source of every candidate which means you'll know where your best candidates come from automatically, and where you are wasting your time and money, this gives you a metrics based recruitment strategy.

With the simple and powerful ATS at your fingertips, you'll have complete control of your candidates' data on a platform that integrates with almost anything.

...and heaps more.

Reporting & integration

This platform provides you with every bit of data you need, and will display it in the way you want. Whether it's general candidate data, sourcing, screening, resume data or, more advanced, psychometric assessment data, screening, biographic or demographic information.

All data can be pushed or pulled using simple APIs and our staff can integrate your platform with virtually any CRM.

Instead of relying on PDF reports or excel spreadsheets, let this platform display all your data on an elegant dashboard, while you integrate it with the click of a button.

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eRecruitment Software reporting & Integration

Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric Assessments

With this platform, you can have psychometric assessments as part of your dashboard. Assessments provide you with personality data and cognitive abilities data of each candidate. Psych Press develops these world-leading assessments which ensure reliability and validity which help make your selection process standardised and data-driven.

Research shows that personality has more predictive validity of job fit than a standard interview and resume process, which is ~50% accurate.
When psychometric assessments are combined with your eRecruitment you get a scientifically valid selection process to improve the quality of your hiring decisions. This also saves the recruiting manager from hiring unsuitable candidates.

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Abilities Testing

Abilities assessments let you measure candidates' cognitive abilities.

Why would you measure someone's cognitive abilities?

These assessments determine what people would broadly define as 'intelligence'. There are several different types of intelligence, all of which have a strong impact, predicting how someeone would perform in a specific role.

The types of intelligence that these assessments measure include: abstract reasoning (IQ), numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, mechanical reasoning, & spatial reasoning.

Cognitive assessments have been developed to measure these specific strengths and weaknesses so you can determine (scientifically) who would be most suited to a role, and, more importantly 'why'.

Research confirms that “using hiring methods with increased predictive validity leads to substantial increases in employee performance as measured in percentage increases in output, increased monetary value of output, and increased learning of job related skills.”

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cognitive abilities testing

Customised Screenings

You can include custom screenings that fit right into your selection process. Screenings are all based on scientific research and customized to each industry and job level. This helps you screen out unsuitable candidates and saves you time in the selection process, providing you a ranking for each candidate with regards to their suitability.

Screenings based on science also drastically reduces your recruiting costs and helps you impact turnover, culture, and employee engagement by letting the right people in at the start.

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Custom screenings in eRecruitment software
Video Interviewing

Video Interviewing

Video interviewing lets you conduct pre-recorded or live interviews with candidates. This feature alone can help reduce your hiring time by 70%. This saves setting up times for the preliminary interviews and helps standardise the interview process.

Candidates have a better experience because they are saved time travelling in for an interview and scheduling around work if they are currently employed. Candidates can complete the interview using any smart device or via telephone, this ensures all applicants have equal opportunity to apply.

Video interviewing also helps reduce barriers caused by geography, allowing you to manage a national or international screening process from one dashboard rather than missing out on talented candidates.

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Video Interviewing Platform

See how you can conduct online interviews below!

Learn more about the world's smartest eRecruitment Dashboard today.

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Faster and science-based

Our assessment-based eRecruitment system generally cuts 70% off your time-to hire metrics as well as being far more accurate than traditional processes at every step.

Unlimited Psychometric testing

You get access to assessments on an unlimited basis. There is no limit on the number of applicants you wish to assess.

Verbal explanation of results

As well as comprehensive written reports, our experienced psychologists are happy to explain results as well.

Free Technical Support

We give you support for free from a REAL person via phone and email every single working day.

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Our solutions are tailored to suit organisations of all different sizes and industries.


Psych Press works with many multinational organisations helping them identify, develop, and retain talent. We tailor our solutions catering to industry, company size, and location making your job easy.


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