Team Contributor®

TeamContributor® is a 360° feedback tool used to assess the contribution each team member makes within a team to guide team development.

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Understanding team dynamics is crucial for both team and organisational success. Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success. Further, assessing team competencies in conjunction with team roles and personality traits of team members can aid in team development to develop the most efficient and effective team. What makes a team tick is it's people.- working in concert.

TeamContributor® is a 360° feedback tool used to assess the contribution each team member makes within a team to guide team development. However, unlike the TeamBuilder® and TeamDiagnostic® questionnaires, TeamContributor® allows for a more comprehensive three-tiered approach to assessing, describing and developing team performance. TeamContributor® is based on foundational team development research including three intersecting research-based domains:

  • Teamwork capabilities
  • Team roles
  • Personality traits

Research has identified each of these domains as predicting individual success within a team and overall effective team performance, as well as being important aspects of team development. TeamContributor® assesses team work by allowing team members to provide anonymous feedback regarding team member contributions in terms of team roles, team capabilities and personality traits. A self-assessment of team performance is also made by all team members. Information obtained in this assessment is then applied to assist with team development.


Each of the eight TeamBuilder® scales are highly reliable, with internal reliability coeffcients (Cronbach's Alpha) ranging from .80 - .93. This allows TeamBuilder® to provide a reliable measure of each team member's perceptions of team functioning. When feedback for a whole team is combined, TeamBuilder® assessments provide an even more reliable assessment of perceived team functioning.

Key benefits of TeamContributor® Questionnaire

  • Identify your team's strengths
  • Identify areas for team development to improve team dynamics
  • Obtain team members' honest comments regarding individual team member effectiveness and self-assessment within the team
  • Prioritisation of your team development needs to facilitate team building
  • Ability to allocate team tasks and responsibilities according to capabilities and team roles to improve the functioning of the team
  • Gain an increased awareness of team member behaviours
  • Personalised team development suggestions to facilitate team development and improve team effectiveness linking feedback and performance
  • Comparison of your team with others in similar industries

How to complete the TeamContributor® Questionnaire

  • The TeamContributor® questionnaire is being completed by individuals who are interested in finding out about their functioning within a work team. Once this process is complete, TeamContributor® will be available for completion by teams to aid in team development.
  • The TeamContributor® questionnaire is completed online (dial up or broad band).
  • The TeamContributor® questionnaire will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.
  • An interpretive report will be generated promptly after you have completed the TeamContributor® questionnaire.
  • Psych Press provides everything you need to use the TeamContributor® questionnaire and to understand the interpretive report.


The nature of work within organisations has undergone a change from predominantly individual assignments to group and team projects. Therefore, accomplishment and production within an organisation relies on the effectiveness and productivity of these teams (Busche & Coetzer, 1995). It thus follows that in order to improve the effectiveness, innovation and productivity of an organisation, the effectiveness and functioning of teams within the organisation can be strengthened. This improvement in teams within the organisation is achieved through team development.

Team development involves identifying problems within teams and developing action plans to fix these problems, therefore allowing an improvement in team functioning and effectiveness (Janz, Colquitt & Noe, 1997). This increase in organisation effectiveness therefore highlights the importance of team development.

In addition, extensive team development research has revealed the positive impact of team development on organisation productivity and accomplishments. For example, researchers have found that teams who engage in team development initiatives have more job motivation and engage in more effective team process behaviour, and that engaging in team development can increase task performance (Busche & Coetzer, 1995; Janz, Colquitt & Noe, 1997). Furthermore, these findings of team development programs have been extended to virtual teams (Johnson et al., 2002).



Team building research has consistently suggested that teams who engage in team building have the ability to outperform individuals within organisations.

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TeamDiagnostic® is a shortened version of TeamBuilder®, suitable for smaller or time restrained teams.

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