Talent acquisition is defined as optimising the profiling, sourcing, assessing and hiring of candidates to ensure that the most suitable combination of skills, knowledge and traits achieve organisational goals.

The challenge

The war for talent and the scarcity of resources force HR and business managers to devise new strategies to quickly identify suitable candidates and be able to offer them a position before competitors do. The challenge is further intensified given the findings regarding the effectiveness of conventional recruitment methods:

  • resumes predict around 20% of success in the job
  • interviews predict around 25% of success in the job
  • behavioural interview predict around 45% of success in the job
  • reference checks predict around 30% of success in the job

The solutions

An effective talent acquisition strategy starts with the organisation’s long-term business goals. These goals determine the type and composition of competencies (skills, behaviours and attitudes) required to perform in the organisation. We offer several strategies which effectively assist organisations to measure candidates’ fit with the relevant competencies. These strategies will offer you the following benefits:

  • reducing the cost of hire
  • reducing the time to hire
  • increasing the quality of hire
  • increasing retention

Psych Press’ screening strategy

When you need to hire new staff members for high volume positions, Psych Press’ psychology-based measurements will identify peoples’ fit with relevant core competencies. These measurements can either be used as the first phase in the recruitment process or as the final phase before interviewing each candidate.

This strategy eliminates the dependency on resume-reading as a form of screening candidates. With the support of advanced online technology, your organisation can receive real-time individualised reports, sort candidates accordingly and attain ranking lists.

Psych Press’ psychometric testing strategy

We are interested in offering you important information which you should be aware of and take into consideration when making a hiring decision regarding management issues, risk areas and role suitability. Using tailored psychometric testing, we ensure that you scientifically and accurately identify candidates’ relevant strengths and weaknesses before making the decision.

How do we do it? We use your position description or work with you to identify the most important competencies to perform in the role. Then we allocate the most suitable combination of psychometric tests online to measure the defined competencies.

This strategy can either be used to measure candidates following the screening phase or on their own to measure candidates’ suitability for key positions (such as supervisors and managers).

The selection reports are written by our organisational psychologists based on the psychometric test results to offer you the following added values:

  • identify the candidate’s relevant strengths and weaknesses based on the role’s competencies
  • identify potential development and training needs

The selection reports are written in simple and business-related lingo in order to enable the reader to utilise the information and results and take the appropriate action.

Selection reports & verbal feedback

Learn everything you need to know about candidates using our customised selection reports, written by psychologists in a simple language. Identify candidates’ relevant strengths and weaknesses and further discuss issues mentioned in these reports with our psychologists as part of your verbal feedback.

Assessment centre strategy

To further discover how well candidates can perform the tasks and responsibilities required in the role, we have our psychologists designing tailored exercises which simulate real day-to-day tasks. Through observing how candidates behave, respond to challenges and interact with others, we can draw conclusions regarding their relevant strengths and weaknesses, how to effectively manage the candidates on the job and which training should they receive in order to maximise their performance.


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