Retain Talent

Culture survey

Bridge the gap between your 'ideal' culture and the existing culture in your organisation

Climate Survey

Find out the real ‘atmosphere’ in your organisation, improve staff engagement and retention rates

Job Satisfaction Survey

Identify which factors contribute to staff’s satisfaction

Exit Interview & Survey

Learn what triggers staff to leave your organisation and how you can improve retention


Managing corporate change when markets move and restructures occur

Retain Bright Staff

We know how difficult it is to retain bright staff, as competitors are always out there making best efforts to poach top talent. The impact of a gifted staff member leaving the organisation can be measured in multiple aspects:

  • Cost increase –the cost of recruiting and training a new employee is estimated at around one-half of the employee’s annual salary.
  • Loss of moral – people who worked with the exiting employee typically report lower energy levels, more pessimistic thoughts and lower productivity.
  • Loss of more staff members – a staff member leaving the organisation may trigger a domino effect where others are also leaving the organisation.

With talent becoming scarce and rising training costs, the challenge of retaining quality staff is even greater. To assist you with this challenge, we have developed advanced web-based solutions which identify critical elements motivating your employees to leave or stay and recommend how to reduce your turnover rates.

The reports and recommendations are based on our extensive experience in organisational psychology, innovative research and the development and use of psychological tools such as online job-satisfaction and climate surveys, one-on-one interviews, online exit interviews, focus groups, and statistical analysis.

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