360 Performance Appraisal

A performance review or performance appraisal is an effective managerial tool to measure staff performance against defined personal goals, key performance indicators, compliance with company's culture and their contribution to achieving the company's business objectives.

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Performance Appraisal. Aligining staff performance against the organisation


Organisational psychologists will customise our web-based 360 performance review system to help align your staff performance development by measuring specific performance objectives relevant to your organisation or team within the organisation. The system is designed to collect feedback from several stakeholders' groups such as:

  • Direct managers
  • Direct reports
  • Colleagues/internal clients
  • External clients
  • The 360 performance review (appraisal) system ensures that you collect information, measure performance, communicate expectations and assign goals in a standard, systematic, consistent and objective manner across the entire organisation.

    Why use a 360 performance review?

    • Identify areas of concern which require management's attention
    • Improve staff performance and ensure business objectives are attained
    • Identify training needs
    • Ensure an efficient distribution of organisational resources
    • Enhance a 'management by objective'6 culture

    What do you get?

    • Our psychologists will work closely with you to customise the 360 performance review system to address your relevant competencies and KPIs
    • A 360 review system which bears your logo and your brand's 'look and feel'
    • A fully integrated system which through our assistance becomes a part of your organisational procedure
    • Real-time access to complete review feedback online (including an employee's feedback on themselves)
    • Reports can include group and organisational averages and other information important to complete the performance review process
    • System reports for managers and HR on progress and bottle necks to sort


    • Author: Psych Press
    • Suitable for: All sales positions
    • Admin: Online
    • Time: Approximately 15 to 20 minutes

    360 degree feedback solutions

    Sample Reports

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