Develop Talent

Employee Induction & Training

Ensure new staff are equipped with the right set of skills and knowledge

Performance Reviews and Development

Enhances staff growth and develop future leaders

Team Assessments

Building and developing successful teams

Change Management

Ensure change is effectively driven and implemented in your organisation

Succession Planning

Have the right people to succeed your key staff members

Service Categories

Most popular Products


Learning Styles Questionnaire

  • Audience: All
  • Length: Approx 15 minutes
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360 Degree Feedback

  • Audience: Teams
  • Length:Varies
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TeamContributor ™

  • Audience: Teams
  • Length: Approx 20 minutes
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Development & Coaching

  • Audience: All
  • Length: Varies
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Build Your Own Solutions

To unlock your current and future leaders’ potential, Psych Press combines tailored solutions and in-depth experience. We don’t approach you with preconceived ideas about what you need to have but we work with you to learn what your needs are. This notion is used to develop tailored solutions to grow your talent and build up your bottom line. To achieve this, we leverage innovative and advanced web-based solutions, partner with leading organisations and accumulate best practice expertise. Through the use of sophisticated assessment and development tools, we ensure that you maintain a sustainable pipeline of leadership talent at all organisational levels.

At Psych Press, we believe that the best solution builds upon what you know and are already doing. Together, we can be confident that the solution will achieve what you need in order to execute your strategy, now and in the future.

To learn more about Develop Talent, and further discuss your needs, please contact one of our consultants: