Fifteen Factor Personality Questionnaire Plus (15FQ Plus)

Known in the UK as the industrial version of Raymond Catell's personality questionnaire based on the 16 Factor Personality Model.

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15FQ Plus. Personality questionnaire


The 15FQ+ is a normative, trichotomous response, personality test that has been developed as an update to the original 15FQ. The 15FQ is based on 15 of the 16 core personality dimensions that were first developed by Cattell and his colleagues in 1946. The 15FQ applies Cattell’s personality dimensions directly to the workplace. This provides a more occupational orientated personality test as an alternative to the 'Sixteen Personality Factor'* series of tests which are traditionally more clinically based. Since its development in 1991 the 15FQ has been used widely throughout the world and enhances its reputations as one of the most well researched assessments of normal personality available today.

The 15FQ+ incorporates the same 15 core personality factors as in the 15FQ as well as a number of recent psychometric innovations. The 15FQ+ includes the additional measure of Factor B (intelligence) which was originally excluded from the first edition of the 15FQ.

The Global Factors include:

  • Empathy
  • Emotional Stability
  • Enthusiasm
  • Socially-bold
  • Trustworthy
  • Direct
  • Conventional
  • Self-disciplined
  • Intelligence
  • Accommodating
  • Conscientiousness
  • Tender-minded
  • Concrete
  • Confident
  • Group-orientated
  • Composed

The Global Factors include:

  • Extraversion
  • Openness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Neurotic
  • Agreeableness

Additional Occupational Specific Factors include:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Management and Subordinate Styles
  • Team Role
  • Counter-Productive Work Behaviour

Furthermore, the 15FQ+ now incorporates an extensive range of response style indicators that include a dedicated social desirability scale, non-dedicated faking good and faking bad scale, and measures of central tendency and frequency.

Besides producing a standard length test, which contains 12 items per scale (200items in total), the latest version produced a short form, which contained six items per scale (100 items in total).


Basic Profile Report (BPR)

The Basic Profile is the most concise Australian norm 15FQ+ report. It features 16 primary personality factors as well as five global factors including Extraversion, Anxiety, Openness, Independence and Self-Control. In addition the report provides scores regarding Emotional Intelligence, Positive Work Attitude, Interpersonal Style, Thinking Style and Coping Style.

The Basic Profile provides a graphic presentation of the scores which you can use to interpret the test results as well as scores for Social Desirability, Central Tendency, Fake Good, Fake Bad and Infrequency.

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Basic Narrative Report (BNR)

This is by far, our most popular report. The Bas ic Narrative Report is a multi-purpose interpretation of the 15FQ+. It includes the basic 16 personality scores, Global Factors and other information about characteristics relevant to personal and vocational counselling.

The report is divided up into 3 sections. The first section presents comprehensive interpretive statements regarding the individual’s Interpersonal Style, Thinking Style and Coping Style including a graphic breakdown of the relevant scores on each factor.

The second section presents information on how the client's personality relates to six vocational orientations, based on Holland 's RIASEC (Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Entrepreneurial and Conventional) scale of vocational orientations.

The third section presents a graphic presentation of the scores on the 16 primary personality factors as well as five global factors including Extraversion, Anxiety, Openness, Independence and Self-Control.

In addition the report provides scores regarding Emotional Intelligence, Positive Work Attitude, Interpersonal Style, Thinking Style and Coping Style.

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Business Selection and Development Report (BSDR)

In business and industrial/organisational counselling settings, the Business Selection and Development Report assess leadership and management potential, offers valuable support in management development decisions and serves as an effective training tool. 16 Primary Scales and scales related to the six management dimensions (Leadership Style, Subordinates Style, Influencing Style, Team Roles, Thinking Style and Ability to Cope with Stress or Change in the environment) are presented.

The report can be provided in two formats. The first is not restricted and directed to HR Professionals and Managers while the second format is restricted and directed to Psychologists. Both report formats offer professional and client-sharable narratives that forecasts an individual's performance in various management roles and analyses leadership style, team work skills and thinking style.

The BSDR report also assesses communication and interpersonal skills and addresses decision-making as well as problem-solving style. The BSDR report is particularly useful as the basis for a selection or development process for managers and may be shared with clients or employees at your discretion.

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As with the original 15FQ, the 15FQ+ can be used to predict a wide range of behaviours in a variety of settings. The 15FQ+ has been fully revised to make it suitable for use in the international business environment.

The 15FQ+ was designed for use in industrial and organisational settings. Human resource professionals will find the 15FQ+ an invaluable part of test batteries used in personnel recruitment and selection.

Key Benefits

Many of the items have been significantly revised and updated in the 15FQ+. The 15FQ+ had been written in simple, clear and concise international ‘business’ English. The language has been updated to remove race and gender bias. In addition, the test materials have been carefully designed to make them quicker and easier to complete, score and profile. An advantage of the 15FQ+ is that it is supported by an expert system.


Australian norms for the 15FQ+ have been developed based on a large sample of 3700 individuals with specific norms for Management or General population.

The norms are stratified for age (in the range of 16-64, with a mean of 31.49), gender, race and educational background.

Reliability and Validity

The new 15FQ+ has significant improvements in the psychometric properties in comparison to the 15FQ. The internal consistency of all scales demonstrates good levels of internal consistency. The reliability of the personality assessments remains high at 0.75. Overall, the 15FQ+ demonstrated a good construct validity that appears to measure the same source traits as those discovered by Cattell.

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