Identify Talent

Psychometric Testing

Assess candidates' cognitive abilities and personality/behavioural style using objective data

Screening Talent

Filter applicants using your company's benchmarks to ensure applicants meet your requirements


A powerful solution that saves up to 70% of time-to-hire and virtually eliminates chances of a bad hire

Graduate Recruitment

Recruit the best graduates faster than the competition while ensuring a long-term sustainable advantage

Careering Ahead

The most comprehensive and objective career assessment for students, career advisors and parents

Sample Selection Reports

View sample reports that assist you in making informed selection decisions

Assessment Centre

Core-competencies are used to develop tailored simulation exercises to determine candidate suitability

Service Categories

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  • Audience: Student/ Job seekers/ Careers Advisors
  • Length: approx. 20 minutes
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Business Personality Reflections®

  • Audience: All
  • Length: approx. 30 minutes
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Sales Worthy®

  • Audience: Automotive industry
  • Length: approx. 30 minutes
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Abstract Reasoning Level 3

  • Audience: All
  • Length: approx. 15 minutes
  • Timed: Yes
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  • Audience: OH&S, workers
  • Length: approx. 5-10 minutes
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  • Audience: Pharmaceutical and Chemist store staff
  • Length: approx. 20-25 minutes
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Graduate Recruitment

  • Audience: All
  • Length: 30-60 minutes
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Assessment Centre

  • Audience: All
  • Length: varies
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How do we employ the most suitable candidates

in a scientific, accurate and timely manner?

Talent acquisition is defined as optimising the profiling, sourcing, assessing and hiring of candidates to ensure that the most suitable combination of skills, knowledge and traits achieve organisational goals.

The Challenge

The war for talent and the scarcity of resources force HR and business managers to devise new strategies to quickly identify suitable candidates and be able to offer them a position before competitors do. The challenge is further intensified given the findings regarding the effectiveness of conventional recruitment methods:

  • resumes predict around 20% of success in the job
  • interviews predict around 25% of success in the job
  • behavioural interview predict around 45% of success in the job
  • reference checks predict around 30% of success in the job

The Solutions

An effective talent acquisition strategy starts with the organisation’s long-term business goals. These goals determine the type and composition of competencies (skills, behaviours and attitudes) required to perform in the organisation. We offer several strategies which effectively assist organisations to measure candidates’ fit with the relevant competencies. These strategies will offer you the following benefits:

  • reducing the cost of hire
  • reducing the time to hire
  • increasing the quality of hire
  • increasing retention

Learn more about how we can assist you with your recruitment process: