Identifying Innovative People

Our innovative Enterprize® Questionnaire predicts a person's capability to contribute towards innovation within your organisation.

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What the Enterprize® Questionnaire measures

The Enterprize® Questionnaire identifies whether an individual possesses the 26 research-based attributes of an innovative individual. A five-point Likert scale assesses an individual's attributes in:

  • Innovation, creativity, and imagination
  • Opportunistic behaviour and initiative within the workplace
  • Commitment and the desire to prove one's self
  • Risk tolerance and risk management
  • Leadership and the ability to inspire others

Innovativeness as a competitive advantage

Innovative individuals are the backbone of a successful Enterprize®. Against a competitive landscape, companies must increasingly emphasise product and service innovation. Innovative individuals are creative thinkers with bright ideas who can give your organisation a competitive edge by finding opportunities other organisations may miss.

What can your organisation gain from the Enterprize® Questionnaire?

  • Identify innovative individuals who can contribute towards innovation within the your organisation
  • Enhance your organisational capabilities to develop innovative products and services, which will improve your organisational performance, increase your revenue and market share

How to complete the Enterprize® Questionnaire

The Enterprize® Questionnaire is currently being statistically validated. Please feel free to complete the questionnaire online for free.


To learn more about the Enterprize® Questionnaire, and further discuss your needs, please contact one of our consultants: