Learning Styles Questionnaire (LSQ)

The Learning Styles Questionnaire (LSQ) was developed to determine an individual's preferred learning styles: Activist, Reflector, Theorist or Pragmatist. Most people develop preferences for certain learning styles over others. These preferences lead to a distortion of the learning process so that greater emphasis is placed on some stages to the detriment of others.

The Learning Styles Questionnaire (LSQ) provides a key to understanding these different preferences. Learning styles, just like any other behaviour, are learned as people repeat strategies and tactics that are successful and discontinue those that are not. Thus, preferences for different behavioural patterns develop and become habitual.

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If two people with the same needs are given the same learning activity, one may learn a lot while the other may learn a little. People ought to be helped to learn effectively rather than being exposed to inappropriate learning experiences, or being given learning experiences without knowing how to make the best use of their learning strengths.

Knowledge of learning styles enables the tailoring of education and training programs to suit an individual or group. By establishing the preferred learning style of the individual, it is possible to identify particular forms of learning to which individuals respond. Similarly, identifying the learning styles of groups or workshop participants means that individuals can be paired up or grouped in such a way that their learning is enhanced by the people around them. This makes training and development courses as well as general learning activities much more worthwhile and less demanding on the participants.

Key benefits

  • Identify individual learning style as a method to improve individual & group performance.
  • Improve training programs' effectiveness by tailoring them to the individual or group learning style.
  • Reduce training costs.
  • Save time by identifying strengths and weaknesses in individuals and offering appropriate learning opportunities based on these.

What LSQ measures

The LSQ provides an interpretive report on the individual's effective learning style. The 80 items in the LSQ incorporate several key learning styles that were found to be dominant in the work environment:

  • Activist
  • Reflectors
  • Theorists
  • Pragmatists

Technical / Research information

  • The LSQ was validated against many similar instruments.
  • The LSQ was normed on the general Australian population.
  • The LSQ is used by several leading Australian recruitment agencies, HR managers and educational institutes.


  • The LSQ can be administered using paper & pencil materials or online using a simple internet connection (dial up or broad band).
  • It takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete.
  • A comprehensive 10 page interpretive report is generated within minutes of online assessment completion or receiving the completed questionnaire via fax or email.
  • Reports can be sent via fax or email.
  • Assistance in report interpretation is provided by Psych Press consultants.

Psych Press provides all the materials you need to understand, administer and score the LSQ.


  • Suitable for: All levels of participants in training and development programs
  • Time: Approximately 15 minutes
  • Norms: General Australian population

  • Suitable for: All levels of participants in training and development programs
  • Time: Approximately 15 minutes
  • Norms: General Australian population

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