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The SaleAbility® comprehensive assessment system is a sensitive psychometric selection tool that identifies key competencies related to success within sales roles. Where traditional sales selection tools make the assumption that a good salesperson will be successful regardless of the specific sales role they are in, SaleAbility asks clients about the features of their particular sales role, then assesses candidates against how well they fit within the unique demands of that particular role.

SaleAbility® will allow you to:

  • Identify and select the right salesperson for your role, not just a 'good' salesperson
  • Increase company's sales by using the right person for the role
  • Reduce customer turnover due to higher customer satisfaction
  • Reduce training and recruitment expenditure
  • Fill the role with the best possible candidate from those available
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The SNAQ comprises 14 questions which help you identify the specific competencies an individual needs to fit your sales role. Prospective clients are invited to complete the SNAQ free of charge in order to help them begin thinking about the unique requirements of their sales role, and how SaleAbility can help them to fulfil those requirements most effectively. It only takes approximately 10 minutes to complete, and responses to this questionnaire form the basis of any subsequent SaleAbility assessments conducted for our clients. Complete the SNAQ here.

Complete the Sales Needs Assessment Questionairre (SNAQ)

The SNAQ will help you identify whether your sales role is specific to:

  • Direct Sales
  • Service Sales
  • Account Management
  • Technical Sales
  • Business to Business Consumables
  • Business to Business Capital Equipment
  • Distributor Sales
Complete the SNAQ


SaleAbility is an integrated and comprehensive assessment that measures sales personality, cognitive abilities, sales attitude and sales biodata. Results from each of these measures are fully tailored to the unique needs of your specific sales role, as identified by the SNAQ.

Sales Personality Profile

While it is an obvious general statement that personality influences sales performance, the Saleability personality component specifically assesses those personality traits which are most relevant to working in a sales setting. Based around Dubinsky's sales cycle stages of prospecting, selling and growth, performance in sales roles is determined by looking at how the personality traits are likely to affect job performance in the relevant sections of the sales cycle. This component should take about 15 minutes to complete.


  • Planning
  • Goal Orientation
  • Proactivity
  • Extraversion
  • Self-confidence
  • Awareness
  • Motivation
  • Success Focus


  • Assertiveness
  • Collaboration
  • Persistence
  • Competitiveness


  • Team Player
  • Relaxed Style
  • Managerial

Sales Attitude Survey (SAS)

Whilst prospecting skills, sales techniques, product knowledge and organisational influencing skills are all essential aspects of sales success, personal attitudes and core beliefs also have a strong influence on our likelihood of achieving that success. This component of SaleAbility assists in comparing the candidate's attitudes towards sales roles and sales in general to the attitudes of successful sales personnel.


Assessing past performance on relevant indicators can also be used to evaluate an individual's potential performance in a sales role. This life history information, or 'biodata', is used in SaleAbility for selection and development purposes because past behaviour remains one of the strongest predictors of future behaviour.


Saleability has implemented use of abilities testing to give you the most global indicator of an applicant's likely strengths and weaknesses. Abstract, Verbal, and Numerical abilities tests have been selected for use in SaleAbility because of their particular applicability to sales. Results have been related to an employee's ability to understand and implement effective sales skills and techniques, understand customer requirements, product/service specifications and the logistics of delivery and service for the client.


  • SaleAbility is administered online and can be accessed using a dialup or broadband internet connection.
  • The assessment generally takes around 30-45 minutes to complete.
  • Interpretive reports are generated within minutes of completing the assessment.
  • Reports are available via fax or email.
  • Assistance with interpreting the report is available from Psych Press consultants.

Enquire now and a Psych Press consultant will provide all the materials you will need to understand, use and profit from the SaleAbility sales selection assessment.


  • Author: Psych Press
  • Suitable for:All sales positions
  • Time: Approximately 30 to 45 minutes


Sample Reports

Sample Reports

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