The Sales AP is a popular, low cost and fair online tool used by Australian Recruiters, HR professionals, Sales Managers and Business Owners to objectively identify successful sales people and train your sales force.

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With the Sales Achievement Predictor ( Sales AP), you no longer have to wait 6 months or longer to find out whether a new hire will succeed. This unique inventory measures traits that are critical to success in sales—and in related fields such as customer service, sales management, marketing, and public relations.

The Sales AP will assist you to:

  • Identify effective and talented salespeople before you make hiring, placement, and training decisions.
  • Increase company’s sales by using talented and skilful sales people
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Save costs on recruitment and training


The Sales AP provides a comprehensive interpretive report on key critical abilities to a successful sales person. These components may not be apparent during an interview or by reading a resume:

Sales Disposition Managerial Style
Initiative/Cold Calling Assertiveness
Sales Closing Personal Diplomacy
Achievement Extroversion
Motivation Patience
Competitiveness Cooperativeness
Planning Self-Confidence
Initiative Relaxed Style
Teamwork Goal Orientation


Psych Press provides all the materials you need to understand, administer and score the Sales Achievement Predictor.

Technical / Research information

  • The Sales AP was validated against actual sales performance of successful sales people.
  • The Sales AP is used by several leading Australian recruitment agencies and HR managers.
  • Sales AP has validity scales that identify applicants who are exaggerating strengths or minimising weaknesses. Scores for those applicants are automatically adjusted.


  • The Sales AP can be offered online or CD.
  • It takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.
  • Comprehensive individual Interpretive reports are generated within minutes of assessment completion.
  • Reports can be sent via fax or email.

Psych Press provides all the materials you need to understand, administer and score the Sales Achievement Predictor.


  • Author: Jotham Friedland,PhD Sander Marcus,PhD and Harvey Mandel, PhD
  • Suitable for: Mid and high level sales people and managers
  • Time: Approximately 20-25 minutes
  • Norms: Sales professionals

Sample Reports

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