Job Satisfaction Survey Online

Best practice in psychometric testing requires the use of a combination of cognitive and personality tests to accurately predict role suitability.

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Employee Satisfaction Survey. Employee being happy with job


Employee satisfaction directly relates to retention and productivity. Measuring this is often a critical component in achieving a competitive advantage. Simply asking, “Are you satisfied in your job?” may appear to address the issue, but without determining the factors that make up job satisfaction, management remains helpless to take real constructive action. A properly constructed job satisfaction survey will measure factors that contribute and relate to job satisfaction. For example:

  • staff relationship with supervisors
  • competency of supervisors
  • belief in the company’s vision and strategy
  • understanding of pay and incentives

The online job satisfaction survey is a useful tool which enables management to get a snapshot of the general feeling of staff. It provides management with information to assist in decision-making and provide alerts to areas requiring urgent attention.


  1. We can either assist you with only the online deployment of a job satisfaction survey and data collection or we can also develop the survey items for you.
  2. Once the data is collected a statistical analysis is conducted to interpret the data, identify areas of high satisfaction (these are areas which management should maintain its activities) and areas of risk (these are areas of low employee satisfaction which require attention).
  3. Recommendations are offered to management on how to improve employees’ job-satisfaction.

It is best practice for climate survey results to be transparent and be published for staff to view as it is very motivating.

The job satisfaction survey should be run periodically as a pulse survey which can show that improvements towards higher job satisfaction have been and are being achieved and to focus attention on the need for continual improvement.

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