When markets move and restructures occur, managing corporate change where redundancy is involved is never easy. HR must manage these inevitable transitions in the most supportive way possible, allowing organisations to focus energy on their successful future.

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Outplacement. Coping with redundancy


What is Outplacement?

Outplacement is the process of maximising a terminated employee's chances of finding a suitable and rewarding career, supported by specialist professional services, which are paid for by the former employer.

When markets move and company restructures occur, managing organisational change where downsizing and redundancies are required is never easy. HR must manage these inevitable transitions in the most supportive way possible whilst focusing on a successful future. This is where we can assist you.

What are Outplacement Services?

Our outplacement service is designed to support the Human Resources function within your business to achieve the best outcome for both the organisation and departing staff. With the right approach this employee transition can be a positive experience. The essential requirements of quality outplacement support are good communication, timely planning, careful analysis, effective consultation with your people, sensitivity in approach, appropriate support, and reliable after care and back-up. For those who require it, this can also focus on bringing the individual through stages of denial and anger to a state of acceptance of their situation. This is how individuals become empowered and determine their future.

Outplacement agencies or outplacement companies often provide guidance services for the following needs:

  • Interview techniques
  • Resume writing and the application process
  • Advanced Internet Searching
  • Owning / managing your own business
  • Further education and skills development
  • Stress and time management
  • The emotional and practical aspects of retirement


We arm your departing employees with the support, information and direction they will need to secure the future they want and effectively manage their career change. We offer three broad bands of outplacement services:

  • One on One: Sessions aimed at addressing specific needs, goals and aspirations
  • Workshop Sessions: Conducted with groups, providing crucial career information
  • Outplacement online using specific outplacement software

These approaches do not simply help ‘find jobs’. Instead our professional team will allow your staff to:

  • Evaluate all options with the aid of career assessment tools and strategic planning
  • Overcome fears through personalised interview coaching and resume services
  • Develop individual resilience and career path negotiation skills
  • Exit your business on a positive note and remain strong business ambassadors for your Employer Brand

Pre-planned programs

We offer 3 levels of traditional outplacement services that are differentiated by the amount of time an outplaced person spends in the program. Each outplacement program below includes unlimited support from our Corporate Psychologists accessible online and via phone Australia-wide and across the Asia/ Pacific region.

A staff member can visit us in person as many times as they need during the support timeframe. Each program includes guidance with a CV, cover letter review, interview skill building, examination of further education options and more. Each session is strictly confidential and builds a trusting relationship.

Support time Most suitable for Guidance included
Professional 6 weeks Lower levels of staff and Management Full
Professional Plus 12 weeks Mid level staff and Management Full
Professional Complete 26 weeks Executive and Senior Management Full
Custom Program All experiences can be different, we can design a program tailored to your situation by offering a combination of group workshops and or one-on-one sessions or online outplacement.

Additional Services

These extras can be incorporated into any custom or pre-planned program.

Restructure Planning Assist clients in planning for restructure.
Objectively assess skills required to take the business forward and assess current staff skills to independently make excess staff recommendations.
Advising excess staff Informing and advising staff of the decision and sensitively managing the message.
Assisting remaining staff Working with remaining staff to help prepare for perceived uncertainty or increased workloads if necessary. We work with remaining staff to help carefully manage any issues to ensure productivity remains at an acceptable level.
Group Workshops For groups of 6 or more excess staff.
Can be held for staff considering taking a voluntary redundancy or for staff who have been made redundant. Workshops can be half, one or two days in duration.
Online Outplacement Cost effective program that allows excess staff access to our extensive online resource library to gain help and advice on a variety of topics relevant to their needs. Also allows for two, 30 minute one-on-one online link ups with one of our registered corporate psychologists. These confidential online sessions deal with specific issues relevant to the individual.

Qualified Staff for a range of circumstances

We offer outplacement company support for all business levels – from entire firms to executives and casual employees. The assistance received comes from the combined experience of Company Directors, business founders, qualified psychologists and developers of online outplacement software. Our outplacement program allows smooth career transition and treats employees fairly, helps reduce risks of litigation and is tailored to your budget needs.

This we can deliver nationally Australia-wide and to the Asia / Pacific region, facilitated by our Registered Corporate Psychologist, Paul Dickinson. Paul Dickinson is located in North Sydney. Psych Press is also able to operate Outplacement services in Melbourne locations.

To learn more about the Outplacement process, and further discuss your needs, please contact one of our consultants: