Performance Reviews

Our advanced performance management psychometric assessments, reports and consulting services offer you an objective, cost effective and time efficient solution to improve employees' and teams' performance. Our team of Organisational Psychologists and Change Management consultants will work closely with you to design the best solution your performance improvement challenges and to successfully implement it to the entire organisation.

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Performance review. Evaluating your employees


We believe in tailoring the solution to your needs. Therefore, we regard the below described solutions as merely a demonstration of our capabilities and not a product list.

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Product Duration Target Admin

360 Degree Feedback


All occupational positions and levels


Management by Objective (MBO) based 360 degree performance management system including implementation


All occupational positions and levels


A key factor to successfully achieving the defined business strategy objective is monitoring and assessing individual, team and organisational performance. We, at Psych Press believe that the best way to achieve high performance is to tailor a solution that incorporates several key elements:

  • Deriving performance objectives from the organisation's business strategy.
  • Identifying the skills and knowledge required to achieve performance objectives.
  • Implementing a 90 or 360 degree feedback process that enables obtainment of an objective and comprehensive assessment of performance.
  • Implementing a performance management culture throughout the entire organisation.

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