Verbal Reasoning Tests

Verbal reasoning tests are designed to measure candidate or employees' verbal analytical skills. These skills are important in understanding their capabilities to:

  • Effectively and efficiently analyse written data
  • Quickly identify critical issues and draw valid conclusions based on written data such as company reports, regulatory documents etc.
  • Communicate well in writing and produce effective written reports

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Verbal Reasoning test. Able to verbally communicate ideas through


Verbal Ability. Bringing information across

Verbal reasoning tests can typically be grouped into several categories. Each category has a unique set of questions designed to match the job's required level of difficulty and complexity:

Level 2:Verbal reasoning for general population (non-management roles)

Level 3:Verbal reasoning for graduate level and management roles

Level 4:Verbal reasoning for professional roles

Popular Verbal Reasoning Tests


How verbal reasoning tests minimise hiring and promotion risks:

Verbal reasoning tests assist in improving quality of hire

Most positions require the ability to quickly identify and analyse data, and also draw conclusions. Hence, by using a verbal reasoning test you are ensuring that you are getting the right person who is able to competently perform the verbal component of any required tasks.

Verbal reasoning tests reduces "bad-hire" risks

The verbal reasoning test is an objective, scientific measurement of individuals' capacity to comprehend, analyse and interpret written information. Therefore, the rater biases from job interviews and resumes are greatly minimised. Resumes and job interviews can be poor predictors of job performance, as in both situations you are analysing the individual's capability to sell themselves rather than ability to perform the required job-specific responsibilities.


How can a candidate be set up to complete a verbal reasoning test?

  1. Contact Psych Press' consultant psychologists to let them know the individual's name and the relevant level (or category) that you would like us to set the individual up for.
  2. The individual will be set up within a couple of emails and an email invitation page will be either sent directly to the individual or you. The invitation page includes a unique access code and instructions on how to complete the verbal reasoning test online.
  3. Upon test completion, a full report will be generated and emailed to you.
  4. Alternatively, you can always register yourself on our automated ordering system and have a 24/7 access to set tests up and get immediate updates and reports.


How does a typical Verbal Reasoning question look like?

Verbal reasoning test. Example of test

To learn more about the Verbal Reasoning Tests, and further discuss your needs, please contact one of our consultants: