Abilities and Aptitude tests are typically timed process. These inform you on candidates' fluid and crystallised intelligence. These measures are important predictors of a person's ability to think strategically, quickly integrate new information, solve problems, effectively communicate information, produce effective reports, as well as use verbal and numerical information to make informed business decisions.

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Psych Press offers customised batteries of psychometric tests to target specific areas of cognitive ability. Tests are drawn from six main cognitive aptitude types including:

Abstract Reasoning

measures the individual's problem solving skills, ability to quickly learn new information, ability to think strategically.  Learn More

Verbal Reasoning

measures the individual's written communication skills, analytical abilities, ability to quickly identify critical issues from written material such as company reports and marketing documents.  Learn More

Numerical Reasoning

measures the individual's ability to use numerical data as a tool to make decisions and ability to quickly identify critical issues from numerical data (graphs and tables).  Learn More


Best practice in psychometric testing requires the use of a combination of cognitive and personality tests to accurately predict role suitability.

Abstract Reasoning Tests

Abstract reasoning tests can support a business capability to:

  • Improve performance
  • Reduce ‘bad hire' risks
  • Minimise your exposure to discrimination suits
  • Identify potential talent
  • Avoid cultural biases
  • Increase HR return on investment
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Numerical Reasoning Tests

Numerical tests are non-verbal assessments of individuals' ability to comprehend numerical concepts in different formats, make logical decisions, and use numerical information to solve problems.

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Verbal Reasoning Tests

Verbal reasoning tests are designed to measure candidates or employees' verbal analytical skills. These skills are important in understanding their capabilities to:

  • Effectively and efficiently analyse written data
  • Quickly identify critical issues and draw valid conclusions based on written data such as company reports, regulatory documents etc.
  • Communicate well in writing and produce effective written reports
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Mechanical Reasoning Tests

A mechanical reasoning test measures an individual's ability to efficiently comprehend mechanical and physical concepts such as gears, levers, and pulleys. The test also measures the ability to apply these concepts and principles in practical settings, such as solving mechanical issues.

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Workplace Instructions

The Workplace Instructions Test is designed to measure candidate's or employee's ability to:

  • Efficiently and effectively comprehend written instructions
  • Apply the written instructions when performing tasks
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PST - Cognitive Tests

The Personnel Selection Test (PST) consists of three scales: Word Knowledge, Numeracy, and Spatial Reasoning. For each scale, there are four forms, which are selected for use according to the desired level of difficulty

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PFS - Cognitive Tests

The Profiling for Success (PFS) Reasoning Tests offer an advanced approach to the assessment of reasoning abilities for selection and development purposes. The tests cover three areas of reasoning ability.

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