Call Centre Questionnaire

Having worked with many call centres we have found that they all experience common problems associated with:

  • High turnover of staff due to the demanding nature of the job and lack of career opportunities.
  • A lack of emotional and psychological resilience to cope with customer rejections and effectively manage conflicts.
  • An informal company culture, or sub culture, that doesn't support the company's sales objectives.

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Call centre assessment. Assessing individual call centre skills


To address these challenges we have developed several unique psychology-based solutions. All of them have been designed to assist management in attaining a holistic solution which will ensure high productivity and profitability of staff. Our holistic approach focuses on using psychology-based measurements of individuals to support the company in:

  • Recruiting candidates who have the right psychological profile to achieve the desired outcomes and stay longer.
  • Effectively managing the performance appraisals/review process to ensure the psychological issues among staff are identified and the right training is provided.
  • Ensuring top performers stay longer by identifying key reasons why people exit the company.
  • Ensuring an effective informal culture is in place.

Call centre test. Candidates waiting for their turn to get evaluated

Ensuring you get the right people

Based on our experience with other call centres, we have found that an individual's psychological profile is the most important predictor of their suitability in a call centre role. There are several off-the-shelf questionnaires measuring candidates' psychological attributes. However, an off-the-shelf tool doesn't usually capture the key psychological attributes that are important for your company. It is more a measurement of the candidates' general suitability.

PsychPress' tailored approach to measuring psychological suitability

PsychPress can offer a tailored approach that involves developing a psychology-based questionnaire which will measure the psychological components that are key in identifying the top performers in your business, rather than using general measurements. PsychPress can also develop local benchmarks to ensure that new recruits are measured against your top performers (rather than a generic score).

PsychPress' off-the-shelf

If you are interested in off the shelf, we also have the Call Centre Questionnaire (CCQ). This is an online recruitment tool used to measure various aspects of a candidate's personality in order to determine their:

  • Ability to resolve conflicts with customers
  • Ability to cope with client confrontation or rejection
  • Capacity to understand and respond to the needs of customers
  • Motivation to consistently perform well
  • Ability to cope with stress and pressure
  • Likelihood of experiencing anxiety or depression

Results from the CCQ can be measured against local norms/benchmarks.

With either of the approaches, your company will be provided with a full report of the candidates outcomes. For a preview of what to expect, please look at our sample report.

Call centre evaluation. Managing performance with peers

Effectively managing performance

PsychPress can develop a tailored performance review system for you, in case you have none. The performance review will be based on an objective and behavioural based assessment of staff against their defined KPIs. The outcome of the information provided in the performance reviews can then be filtered to the recruitment tool, fine-tuning the selection criteria by which new recruits are selected.

Call centre assessment. Ensuring your employees stay

Ensuring 'Top Performers' stay longer

Identifying why 'suitable' staff leave your company is key to ensuring that good employees stay longer with your business. To address this challenge, PsychPress can tailor an online exit survey which will be completed by exiting staff. The results of such an exit survey will enable management to put in place organisational mechanisms to ensure 'suitable' staff don't leave. The outcome of such a survey can also assist in fine-tuning the method by which candidates are selected, by selecting those who are likely to stay longer.

Call centre evaluation. Ensuring your employees are happy with one another

Ensuring you have an effective informal culture

Many companies have a set of values defined as the company's culture. However, the informal culture does not necessarily follow the formal/defined culture. PsychPress can assist call centres in measuring their informal culture and identify the gaps between the formal and informal cultures that are impairing the call centre's ability to attain their business targets.

We can examine companies' cultures and sub-cultures by using tools such as:

  • Online surveys
  • One-on-one interviews delivered by a psychologist
  • Focus groups delivered by a psychologist

We will work with you to correct the current conflicts occurring within your company in order to realign the organisational culture with its core values.


  • Suitable for: Entry call centre positions
  • Time: Approximately 20 minutes
  • Norms: Australian call centre staff

  • Suitable for: Entry call centre positions
  • Time: Approximately 20 minutes
  • Norms: Australian call centre staff

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