Fitness Dimensions

Fitness Dimensions is a complete assessment solution that allows gym members to achieve fitness goals.

Fitness Dimensions is a multidimensional and easy-to-use assessment tool that has been developed to enrich the experience of the members in your fitness centre. This program will offer your members the ability to achieve their goals more effectively, as well as provide you with a great advantage over other competitors.

Based on scientific research and collaboration with fitness industry professionals, the Fitness Dimensions assessment incorporates expert knowledge of nutrition and exercise with psychological profiling, to explore the linkages between personality drivers and an individual's exercise, eating and coping patterns.

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Fitness Questionnaire. Achieve fitness goals


The Fitness Dimensions program was specifically designed to understand your members on an individual basis, by providing them with an assessment of a preferred learning approach to achieve those goals. For example, the results of a Fitness Dimensions analysis may indicate that a particular individual becomes bored with routine easily, allowing the personal trainer to develop a program with tasks that vary constantly. As a result, the member will be more engaged in their program and less likely to cancel their membership.

  1. Understands your members' needs
    The Fitness Dimensions report equips your business with a better understanding of your clients' personal eating, coping and exercise habits, enabling you to provide a more tailored and effective program that gets results. This program will focus on providing you with the information necessary to cater to the clients' individual needs, giving the owner the best possible chance of retention.
  2. Increases customer satisfaction
    Easily create and implement programs designed for each individual member, offering truly personalized service as well as new opportunities for your business within the competitive fitness industry. Having the tools to understand your members increases customer satisfaction as personalised goals are tangible and achieved.


Health and lifestyle questionnaire. Eating and exercising in right amounts

The Fitness Dimensions test is a multidimensional personality profile and behaviour pattern assessment tool that consists of a combination of five scales measuring statements related to:

  • Personality - Find out how to best empathise with members to avoid common conflicts and establish a lasting relationship
  • Eating patterns - Learn about past, present and continuous eating habits that may inhibit fitness achievement
  • Coping strategies - Discover what defines how the member reacts to new and existing lifestyle patterns
  • Exercise patterns - Grasp an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses within their fitness level
  • Potential eating problems - Be alerted to important issues that will need to be considered in a fitness program


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