Graduate Recruitment

Do you want...

  • to recruit the best prospects faster than the competition?
  • to be sure you're employing long term graduates?
  • a reusable system to ensure a sustainable competitive advantage?

These are the factors that this test delivers upon.

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Screening solutions

Pre-hire competency-based screening solutions are an innovative, cost-effective and efficient approach to screening applicants. This web-based solution is developed to address your needs and is based on our extensive experience in psychometric and competency based assessments.

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Psychometric testing methodology

Psych Press is a well established one-stop-shop for psychometric testing solutions. Our Psychologists support managers in MNCs and mid-size businesses in effectively managing talent, making informed Recruitment, Career Development and Succession Planning decisions.

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Assessment centres

An assessment centre is a process whereby participants are engaged in one or several simulation exercises involving particular tasks or skills needed for the role. All assessment centres are supervised by organisational psychologists.

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With over 15 years of experience in psychological testing in this area Psych Press has been able to continuously develop the systems that find the most attractive graduates regardless of how large the potential employee pool or how complex the position offered is. These systems are divided into two recognisable challenges that require different approaches:

Web-based Solution

Tailored web-based graduate recruitment solution

Psych Press has met talent management requirements of many international businesses, of various sizes. Utilising online tools means you experience the same recruitment advantages no matter where you operate from.

What this unique selection offers

Our unique online competency based selection system makes selection much more time-efficient, where a stack-ranked graph showing relative suitability streamlines your decisions to further recruitment stages.

Human Resources Management will enjoy full use of:

  • suitability shortlists
  • individual graduate recruitment reports
  • strong branding messages
  • saved staff time
  • data for future assessment of graduate recruitment effectiveness (ROI)
  • best practice and consistency across different teams/divisions/states
  • better, long term graduates with higher productivity

Psychometric Solution

Tailored psychometric solutions for the graduate recruitment challenge

Psychological testing is highly important for determining future potential of graduates, including whether they will become strong leaders in the future. Our solutions are especially helpful when you are faced with several promising candidates.

Benefits of psych press' psychometric solutions for graduate recruitment

Our tests are always tailored to your graduate recruitment objectives and challenges. This is achieved when tests ensure aims of validity (ie. measure what they claim to measure) and reliability (i.e. show consistency between different groups of people, and over time). Also by holistically collating data regarding abilities, work behaviour, personality and interests one finds several advantages in tackling recruitment challenges with Psych Press.

These include:

  • Legally defensible - you are using a standard and performance related criteria to make informed graduate recruitment decisions
  • Psychometric tests are selected for clear alignment with an organisation's critical graduate recruitment competencies and role specific requirements
  • Only qualified psychologists will interpret graduates' results, write tailored graduate recruitment reports and provide feedback for managers and graduates
  • We offer simple to read, business-related written graduate recruitment reports to enable managers to get detailed understanding of graduates' relevant strengths and weaknesses at a glance
  • We are able to service our clients with best practice tailored psychometric tools to address the graduate recruitment goals
  • High touch candidate care


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