Hospital Screening Questionnaire

Imagine there was a way to gain accurate and objective applicant data that will inform you on the specific requirements of your medical staff before an interview takes place. This screening solution is put in place before an interview takes place and gives you, the employer, a range of data to base decisions on.

The hospital screening questionnaire can be completed online from anywhere. With this screening tool you will know if applicants have specific skills needed to excel in patient care, delivering emergency assistance and skills required day-to-day rather than just '2 years experience'.

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The benefits of using a Tailored Hospital Screening Questionnaire:

  • Screens large numbers of applicants quickly and efficiently, providing a cost and time effective screening solution
  • Reduces costs, time and travel for all stakeholders in the recruitment process
  • Using screening items tailored to your hospital to obtain information about candidate suitability as well as department and role-specific capabilities and competencies
  • Reducing variability in service delivery through internal benchmarking of relevant skill and capability metrics
  • Ensuring that the highest quality of personnel are accessible and selected
  • Institutionalise a recruitment process which requires less administrative time and provide ongoing objective data which can be used to monitor (and tighten) selection criteria against performance
  • Ability to strategically market available positions to a broader professional community
  • Branded to the name and image of your hospital/facility
  • Developed by experienced psychologists encompassing current research in psychology and human resource management
  • Based on our extensive experience and research in competency based assessments
  • Developed within a short timeframe and minimal interruption to your business activities


In discussing your needs we could assess your advertisements, position descriptions, competency models, interview guides and the performance Appraisal process to determine the parameters of your project.

Data gathered would inform an online screening application engineered to briefly assess a number of competencies. Selection criteria might include such diverse variables as a driver's license, keyboard skills, computer knowledge, shift availability, integrity, or minimum level of education. Some will be knowledge-based competencies, some skill-based and others related to attitude. For example, a nursing candidate may be asked to submit a care plan specific to their specialty, complete a range of timed drug dose calculations and also complete a questionnaire that explores personality or attitudinal correlates of success such as workplace burn out or compassion fatigue.

All can be assessed online. Such selection criteria are included as you might require them, and can further be weighted according to the importance or relevance to the role in question. To bolster the predictive validity of your assessments, high performing internal employees could be asked to complete the screening application to act as a 'benchmark' for the standard of excellence future employees are compared against.


Some example questions relevant to a nursing role have been grouped below in relationship to particular departments within a metropolitan or country hospital, and are provided as examples of an actual solicitation of specific knowledge which might be a better indicator than a resume entry of simply "years served".

Example 1

"The nonsteroidal medication naproxen (Naprosyn) has been prescribed for a patient, 1375 mg/day in divided doses. Each tablet contains 0.275 g. How many tablets equal this daily dose?"

Example 2

"If you were a nurse on a floor and you walked into a room and the patient was short of breath and said they were having trouble breathing, what would you access and why? You hear wheezing and you note that the patient has a history of asthma then what would you do? How would you chart this scenario?"

By providing more direct questions, we are enabling a more subtle assessment of the skill base being brought to the hospital or organisation by the candidate, through their ability to respond to questions which might be reasonably assumed to form core part of their daily practice.

They illustrate how direct questions about specific experience may be more reliant on definitive adjudicators of knowledge or professional skills rather than relying on reading a resume where skills are presumed on the basis of "years of experience" as well as the assumption that the resume is in fact an accurate record.

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