Retail Screening Solution (RSS)

The Retail Screening Solution (RSS) is an online screening platform, which is designed to identify top performers in the retail industry.

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Retail pre-employment assessment. Identifying top performers


 Retail screening. Identify who is bringing in more business

Key Benefits

The RSS will:

  • Increase the average sales figures per staff member
  • Increase the average tenure per staff member
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Reduce time to hire metrics
  • Reduce cost of hire expenses
  • Provide a standard recruitment process across all stores
  • Screen applicants based on standard and objective performance-related criteria to meet legislative requirements for employment

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You will no longer need to spend time deciphering resumes to shortlist, which in most cases are more reflective of applicants’ ability to promote themselves rather than provide an accurate representation of their suitability for the position.

The RSS will:

  • Be tailored to your business requirements i.e. key sales drivers of your business
  • Include an established or newly developed application form
  • Be developed to include any form of your company’s branding
  • Offer real-time individual reports and shortlists
Retail screening. Challenges met in the retail industry

Challenges in Retail Recruitment

Retail sales positions often receive a deluge of applications, making it difficult for employers to adequately assess each applicant. This is especially relevant where significant applicant travel times are involved.

The RSS Platform

The RSS helps select the most appropriate candidates for the job and quickly screens applicants who do not fit your specific requirements prior to committing further time and budget to additional testing or interviewing.

The RSS allows your company to remain in control of the recruitment process, and is especially valuable during seasonal hiring peaks, when cost-effective, time-efficient alternatives can greatly increase productivity.

Retail screening. Challenges met in the retail industry


Despite being an essential process, hiring new employees can cost companies much more than necessary. Within the retail industry, numerous job applications combined with the lack of a comprehensive screening technique can result in superfluous resources spent filtering through applicants. The RSS will allow your company to accurately identify the right people for the right role, whilst reducing the amount of time and money invested in the recruitment process.

To determine whether your current method of hiring is reducing profitability in your company, use the RSS Hiring Calculator to ascertain the amount spent on traditional hiring each year.

Time taken for interview process (in minutes)

Store Data

Interviewer Cost


Technical Information

The RSS uses a Situational Judgement Test (SJT) methodology that presents applicants with realistic, work-related scenarios and asks them to identify an appropriate response. These scenarios measure applicants on a variety of abilities such as:

  • Problem-solving
  • Complying with store policy
  • Dealing with pressure
  • Using initiative in sales-specific situations

The RSS uses a performance-driven approach which incorporates staff performance results and other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in order to statistically validate your screening solution and generate local benchmarks. Applicants’ results are compared to these local benchmarks to provide a shortlist of the most suitable candidates.

Administrative Processes

  • The RSS is an online screening tool, using a simple internet connection (dial-up or broadband).
  • The online screening takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.
  • A comprehensive report is emailed upon the completion of the questionnaire.

Psych Press provides everything you need to thoroughly understand the interpretive report.


The RSS has been designed to reduce the assessment set-up time whilst still allowing the greatest possible validity.

Immediate access to the shortlist allows you to respond as soon as a desirable candidate applies, thereby minimising the chance of applicants seeking alternative employers.

Please contact our psychologists to further discuss how the RSS can improve the efficiency of your initial employee screening process.

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