SafetyWorthy® screening and testing

SafetyWorthy® has been designed to identify employees who are likely to be involved in workplace accidents, exhibit unsafe behaviour and be less aware of hazards in the workplace. The SafetyWorthy® test provides a quick, reliable, and scientific online measurement which will allow your organisation to prevent workplace accidentsand make effective recruitment, training, retention and management decisions.

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SafetyWorthy® was specifically designed to aid in the prevention of workplace accidents. It is also aimed at assisting OH&S and Health Safety Security Environments (HSSE) staff to:

  • Quickly identify people who are at risk of harming themselves or others in the workplace
  • Reduce OH&S / HSSE risks and work accidents (including fatalities, lost time injuries and 'near misses')
  • Make effective recruitment and retention decisions
  • Efficiently manage human resources by assigning higher-risk individuals to lower-risk environments
  • Increase workplace productivity and efficiency
  • Providing real-time shortlists as well as individual sales profiles
  • Using screening items tailored to measure personality traits, values, and cognitive capabilities that are found to drive sales in your business
  • Reduce losses resulting from workplace accidents, including compensation, OH&S insurance premiums, turnover, loss of productivity and loss of income
  • Uphold safety standards and avoid the legal implications of violating work safety regulations
  • Create a safe, risk-free workplace environment

What does SafetyWorthy measures?

Personality and cognitive factors such as awareness have proven to be the most effective factors in predicting workplace accidents. Many work safety tests have been based on factors which have since been revealed by research to be irrelevant in predicting work accidents, such as safety perceptions and workplace culture. However, Psych Press' SafetyWorthy® test is based on factors shown by research to directly predict workplace accidents.

By utilising personality and cognitive factors as predictors, the Work Safety test is a step forward in the assessment of employees' likelihood of experiencing accidents in the workplace.


SafetyWorthy® has been designed to be used as a general measurement of suitability for employment, with a focus on promoting safe work practices and reducing workplace accidents. It can be implemented as part of a general recruitment process, or used as a tool to inform decisions regarding the necessity of development interventions to improve work safety.

SafetyWorthy® can also be used as part of a training program or workshop, identifying causal issues involved in workplace accidents as part of a preventative approach. Finally the Work Safety test has been is designed to be evidence-based verifiable compliance with legal safety standards.

SafetyWorthy® scales

SafetyWorthy® Questionnaire is a measure of personality and cognitive factors which have been demonstrated to predict work accidents. These include:

  • Fluid intelligence
  • Conscientiousness
  • Neuroticism
  • Stress tolerance
  • Risk avoidance
  • Cognitive awareness
  • Locus of control
  • Spatial understanding


Technical Information

SafetyWorthy® was developed and normed on employees in a variety of industries and businesses, and has been validated using specific client company industries as part of its implementation.

Statistical analyses conducted on the Work Safety test utilizing internal objective work safety data have found the instrument to have high internal consistency and validity.

How to use SafetyWorthy®

You can set individuals to complete our SafetyWorthy® test by using Psych Press' 24/7 automated ordering system or contacting one of our consultant psychologists. The setup can be done within a couple of minutes.

Once the assessment is set up, an electronic invitation page will be sent to the individual with a unique access code and detailed instructions on how to complete this test online.

To learn more about the SafetyWorthy®, and further discuss your needs, please contact one of our consultants: