SalesWorthy® Screening Questionnaire

The SalesWorthy® assessment tool is an online screening solution designed to identify top sales potential in the automotive industry. SalesWorthy® strengthens the recruiting process by providing objective data about each candidate's competencies and suitability for the automotive sales role.

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Sales Personality test. Finding the perfect car sales person


The SalesWorthy® screening tool assists in:

  • Selecting the most successful salespeople
  • Reducing the 'time to hire' metric
  • Reducing the costs associated with hiring - avoids wasting time and money screening poor applicants
  • Quick 2 day turnaround
  • Creating an accurate shortlist of the best candidates available
  • Significantly increasing the quality of automotive salespeople you hire
  • Reducing staff turnover - the longer the time spent in the role, the greater the sales and potential for referral sales.
  • Increasing the impact of training
  • Tailored to your dealership's culture and context
  • Increase in car sales

All these factors contribute to dealerships producing higher sales, a reduction in costs associated with a selection error, and staff turnover.

Sales Characteristics/Background

It is widely understood that the best predictor of the future is the past. Therefore SalesWorthy® uses the sales characteristics/background factors to analyse each candidates past experiences and behaviours, to help predict what their future performance will be. It does this through analysing eight key success factors within the automotive sales industry. These key factors include:

  • Financial Acumen
  • Work Ethic
  • Understanding Self
  • Work Life Balance
  • Leadership
  • Work Aspect Preference
  • Entrepreneurial Drive
  • Networking

What SalesWorthy® Measures in Car Salespeople

Employing high quality staff is the key to running a successful organisation, and is extremely important in maximising and maintaining the number of frequent and returning customers. Ensuring you employ the right staff the first time will ensure your business has a competitive edge above others.


In a perfect world, every salesperson a Dealership hires will be an outstanding salesperson. However we all know that this will not be the case. Psychologists call this "selection error", and whilst understandable, every effort should be made to reduce selection error given the huge financial benefits and revenue growth which comes from continuous improvement in this regard.

To demonstrate the revenue increase flowing from efforts in this regard, a table has been constructed which provides a "return on investment" calculation based on differing levels of salesperson success. It also demonstrates the financial impact of gaining objective data to improve selection decisions - which is what SalesWorthy® is designed to do.

Click Increasing Revenue through SalesWorthy® to establish what revenue increases might be available through utilising SalesWorthy®

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Current sales figures

1. High performer value individual/month

2. High performer value annually

3. High performer value annually per dealership

4. Low performer value individual/month

5. Low performer value annually

6. Low performer value annually per dealership

7. Difference b/w Hi & low performer month per person

8. Difference b/w Hi & low performer annually per dealership

Performance increase through utilising SalesWorthy® ( 1 Unit increase in Performance )

  1. Revenue increase Monthly per Dealership

  2. Revenue increase Annually per Dealership

  3. Revenue increase Annually Company Wide


Psych Press provide the option to tailor SalesWorthy® specifically to a particular business. Therefore SalesWorthy® not only provides a scientific basis for the selection of automotive sales personnel, but also analyses candidates for qualities appropriate for a particular business culture.

To view a sample of the online questionnaire and an extract of the extensive report available to Dealers, please send an email to [email protected]. This can be provided to you via a password protected reports log we have developed on the basis of this research.

Upon report completion, verbal feedback is available from one of our experienced psychologists to further discuss issues mentioned in the report, as well as the candidate's suitability.


Sales Personality

SalesWorthy® uses the Sales Personality component, comprised of 13 scales, to better understand how each candidate performs within the sales cycle. Given that cars are one of the most expensive investments people will make in their life, it is important for their interests, desires and needs to be carefully catered for.

The Sales Personality scale will help to identify how the candidate operates in the different stages of the sales cycle and if they have the key personality attributes associated with success in automotive sales.

Sales Attitude

SalesWorthy® uses the Sales Attitude component to compare the candidate's attitude to sales with those attitudes held by others. Early texts such as The Power of Positive Thinking, and other sales texts and research, support the contention that an individual's attitudes do affect their behaviour. Therefore the Sales Attitude scale is used to predict the candidate's performance in automotive sales, based on their expressed attitude to sales.


SalesWorthy® takes roughly 25-30 minutes to complete. The entire screening process is simple, efficient, and can be completed online at the applicant's convenience.

To learn more about the SalesWorthy® Screening Questionnaire, and further discuss your needs, please contact one of our consultants: