Fast screening, fantastic online experience.

Psych Press brings you 'Voice Advantage', an incredibly easy-to-use software to add-on to any Psych Press screening solution and allows you to screen applicants with online interviews via webcam or phone automatically. You don’t even need to be at your desk

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Video interviewing. Assess interviews on your mobile


Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes and take one of the below demos, or alternatively see how it all works below!


Video Interviewing. Invite your interviewees


Invite potential employees to your online interview, which they can take at any time of day, for you to review whenever you need!

Video interviewing. Pre-record your interviews


Listen to the responses to pre-recorded questions. Have evidence based information to re-use during candidate development

Video interviewing. Be able to rate your interviewees


Share applicant profiles and responses with the team. Rate them, rank them by whatever metrics you choose, view resumes and more.


  • Save up to 75% of Total Time to Hire and view candidate results at your leisure
  • Identify top talent early and never miss the chance to hire A-graders again
  • Flexibility to make the process friendly to use for applicants at any hour of the day
  • Use customised behavioural questions developed by our Psychologists to get the best information
  • Candidates can be screened quickly and without hassle via mobile, tablet devices, webcam or home phone interview
  • Get complete reports with insights into how recruiters and candidates are performing
  • Invite other staff and clients to review applicants. High security. Low cost.
  • Make notes, quick-view resumes, filter by any results, and customise candidates are performing
  • Full support and customer service available, along with the option of consulting one of our psychologists for hiring and next-stage recommendations
  • Use qualifying questions so that only valid candidates can begin initial screening

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Our interview experience is made consistent and delightful. The flexibility is what separates us—40% of candidates interview outside of normal working hours.

Audio Fallback

In the event a candidate does not have a web camera, we provide the option to fall back to a phone interview. Our consistent approach to the best candidate experience adds to the reasons why we're the leading provider in recruiting software.

Video Interviewing. Audio-fallback function

Video Interviewing. Assess it anywhere in the world

Global Interviews. Anytime, Anywhere.

Full global support for video and telephone interviews. We have you covered from the USA to China

Watch Recruiter Efficiency Sky Rocket

Our clients find Total-Time-to-Hire (TTH) reduced by up to 75% and efficiency increased by 66% by using our virtual screening. Interview time is reduced by more than 20 days. This speed comes from streamlining core tasks of recruiting into simple functions.

Feature Spotlight: Search

The industry's fastest search tool. Scan candidates, notes, resumes, campaigns, custom fields, and more. Get more work done by finding what you need immediately.

Advanced filtering options provide flexible and comprehensive ways to slice and dice your data. Never again struggle to find the right candidate.

Video Interviewing. Filtering candidates

Video Interviewing. Creating of template

Feature Spotlight: Template

Create a campaign template once and get started in less than 60 seconds.
Be in complete control of compliance and efficiency with our powerful template creation system.

Reduce Attrition Rates with Better Quality Candidates

Customers found their 180-day attrition rate positively impacted by 20% after switching to Voice Advantage. With increased speed and thoroughness, you're sure to find the best candidates hiding in your stack of applications faster.

Deep analysis of candidate and recruiter performance gives you insight into what's working and not working. Capture the ability to see trends and predict your hiring future with our powerful reporting tools.

Feature Spotlight:Templates

Video Interviewing. Tracking applicants

Involve Other Reviewers with Minimal Friction

Our low-overhead and secure presentation tools make communication with third party reviewers as simple as emailing a link. Hiring managers love the dead-simple way to review and rate candidates, making your day a little easier.

Shortlist select candidates to place in front of other stake holders for further review. The stripped down process for hiring managers makes reviewing candidates as easy as clicking a button.
You can customise what information is presented. Be in control of your candidates.

Feature Spotlight:Presentation Lists

Discover Consistent Results with High-Volume Screening

You will see a 60-90% operational cost savings vs. manual phone screening. Placement rates can be increased by as much as 50%. These gains are possible because of our strategic focus on high-volume recruiting’s core workflow.

Feature Spotlight:Reviewing Candidates

Video Interviewing. Reviewing candidates

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