Hospitality Screening Questionnaire

The Hospitality Screening Questionnaire (HSQ) is a psychometrically-developed online tool designed to objectively identify key attributes and skills in potential employees and assess their suitability for employment in the hospitality industry.

Designed to complement or replace the initial process of resume-sorting and preliminary interviewing, the HSQ requires candidates to respond to realistic situations often encountered in the hospitality industry.

The resulting report provides a stack-ranked measure of each candidate’s competencies and skills, as compared to company or industry benchmarks. This enables a real-time, research-based, objective basis of comparison between applicants, thus achieving three key business metrics:

  1. Reduced time-to-hire
  2. Reduced cost-of-hire
  3. Better quality of hire, including performance and tenure

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Hospitality Questionnaire. Identifies candidates suited in hospitality industry



  • Identifies suitable candidates based on objective performance-related criteria
  • Generates automatic and real-time reports and shortlists
  • Ensures that high quality staff are hired, thereby increasing your business productivity
  • Reduces time and cost spent on the initial recruitment process
  • Allows HR to focus on strategic rather than employee selection issues
  • Is tailored to suit the requirements and needs of your business
  • Is developed to incorporate any form of branding for your business

Identifying talent as a competitive advantage

Employing high quality staff is the key to running a successful organisation, and is extremely important in maximising and maintaining the number of frequent and returning customers. Ensuring you employ the right staff the first time will ensure your business has a competitive edge above others.


The HSQ measures the core competencies associated with successful hospitality performance, components which may not be apparent on a resume or during an interview:

Customer Service Skills

Determines candidates' ability to choose appropriate responses in customer service situations that are commonly encountered in a hospitality environment. As the choices are centered on good judgment and perhaps informed experience within the context, candidates’ responses reflect their soundness of judgment and professionalism in a social setting.

Situational Problem-Solving Abilities

Measures candidates’ capacity to choose appropriate responses to typically occurring problems within a typical hospitality environment, and assesses independent problem-solving ability.

Service Orientation

Assesses the commitment of candidates working in an industry centred on customer service, as well as identifying inherent service-oriented characteristics underpinning success in a customer-driven environment.

Achievement Striving

Assesses the tendency of candidates to work hard in achieving their goals. This encompasses the self-assessment of one’s competency and personal standards in determining the level of organisation and discipline candidates take in their work.

Preference for People

Measures the extent to which candidates have an outgoing disposition, as well as the enthusiasm and energy they generate from working with others, including colleagues and customers. It also assesses candidates’ enjoyment of and preference for teamwork.


Assesses candidates' tolerance for confrontational situations, either between customers or colleagues. The degree to which candidates are flexible in their agreeableness and tolerance to the opinions and views of others is also determined.



  • The HSQ is completed online and takes approximately 10-15 minutes.
  • An interpretive report is automatically generated upon completion.
  • Technical information related to the HSQ is outlined in a development manual.

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