Employee Induction & Training

An induction is an essential element of professional development opportunities for employees. Providing new employees with sufficient information will enable them to understand their responsibilities and entitlements and will support their understanding of intended work outcomes in a timely fashion.

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Staff training. Getting employees inducted into company


Staff Development. Introducting the company to employees

As a result:

  • Better decisions are made
  • A quicker integration to the business culture is achieved
  • Higher performance standards are achieved
  • Valuable management time is freed to be dedicated to more crucial issues
  • Employees are empowered and satisfied
  • Constructive work attitudes are created and maintained

An induction training program presents a valuable opportunity for your business to develop high standards of administrative practice.

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Additionally, special attention should be given to the impact of induction on OH&S. Studies have shown that the first six to eight weeks of employment is a time when an employee is at greatest risk with regard to work injuries. Contract employees are also particularly vulnerable and are frequently involved in serious incidents. In order to minimise these risks, it is essential that an effective induction program is established for new employees.

We have worked with a broad range of business and industries to develop tailored induction processes which ensure that employees quickly achieve their full potential, quickly assimilate and are highly satisfied. We achieve this outcome by combining advanced web-based solutions and our extensive experience in human behaviour.

Employee Induction Resource: Orientation to Onboarding: magnifying new hire success


Our Organisational Psychologists specialise in developing and delivery of psychometric assessment training programs as well as offering pre-training assessment solutions that assist trainers and learners to design the most effective and economical mix of activities by measuring participant's relevant psychological attributes.

We believe in tailoring the solution to your needs. Therefore, we regard the above described solutions as merely a demonstration of our capabilities and not a product list.

To learn more about Psych Press tailored assessment solutions to your training challenges please contact one of our dedicated consultants.

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Product Duration Target Admin

Learning Styles Questionnaire (LSQ)

15 min



Emotional Intelligence training kit


Trainers in EI assessment courses

Online/ P&P

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